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Caven does not accept compromises when it must guarantee the quality of its wines, to make it complete in wine shops and on the tables of consumers for their purchase satisfaction.
To preserve intact all the characteristics of Valtellina wines, produced with so much laborious manual work, the winemaker Stefano Nera has chosen the innovative technology of the Nomacorc Green Line co-extruded caps that guarantee uniformity, bottle by bottle, eliminating possible oxidation or reduction defects, and definitively those due at the TCA (classic smell of cork).
Caven has chosen this new “category” of caps called PlantCorc ™, because it derives from sustainable and renewable sugarcane based raw materials, with great improvements in terms of performance and design, from the appearance of natural cork, soft to the touch, which ensures trouble-free bottling, with simple and easy extraction and reinsertion, for consumer satisfaction.
The Nomacorc Select Green cap selected by Caven allows the constant control of the post-bottling oxygen passage, considerably reducing the use of sulphites, keeps unchanged the qualities of its wine produced in Valtellina, even after many years of aging, and allows the wine to evolve as expected  by the oenologist Stefano Nera.
Caven, with this choice for the closure of its renowned Valtellina wines, is associated, with targeted investments, to the culture of sustainability, characterizing its products with total recyclability, without CO2 emissions.
At the present time, for aesthetic reasons, but also technical reasons, as they are very suitable for long refinement, Caven is still using cork stoppers on the Valtellina Superiore Docg “Riserva” and on the Sforzato di Valtellina Docg. The winemaker Stefano Nera is however already doing several tests with a Nomacorc cap designed specifically for long-aging wines, just like the ones mentioned above.
Caven, the wines of Valtellina without compromise.


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